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Caroline Smith – 21 February 2019
Haya Douidri – 2 december 2018

Kim is absolutly fantastic! Ive tried several dutch tutors And I can sincerely say that she’s the best!  Her classes are fun and she is able to simplify grammar and make it easy to understand! I’ve really enjoyed taking classes with her and I would highly recommend her! What differentiate her from other teachers that she can really focus on your weakness and uses unconventional methods to help you improve. One hour with Kim is equal to 5 hours with any other Dutch teacher!

Mav McNeilly – 10 maart 2018

I’ve had great individual classes with Kim since the beginning of the year. I’ve made a lot of progress, which is definitely thanks to Kim preparing extensively for each class and giving me a lot of extra material to use and study at home. It’s also great fun, with lots of variety in teaching activities (e.g. learning games).

Niki Karakosta  – 9 oktober 2018

I have been a student of Kim for half a year and I am already feeling much more confident with my Dutch. Classes are always fun and relaxing but at the same time adjusted to my needs and in perfect speed. I am very happy with the work we have been doing together and I would definitely recommend Kim as a tutor ☺️

Such a fun way to learn Dutch! It’s not just a lesson, but it encourages you to talk in Dutch, everyone get chance to speak and learn from practicing the language. Kim’s pronunciation is very clear, and she is has a lot of knowledge about Dutch grammar, which most of the foreigners will find it difficult to understand.

Jerry Crumley – 2 april 2018

Fantastic educator who has progressed my Dutch so far in such a short space of time even in spite of my Northern Irish accent!

Diana Roubia – 10 maart 2018

I moved to The Hague few months ago, I already speak a little bit of Dutch but I wanted to reach the next level but also to find a private tutor who offers tailor-made courses. With Kim, I found what I needed: classes are always interesting, adapted and fun. If you want to learn Dutch quickly and efficiently, contact Kim!

Jennifer Wang – 31 januari 2018

Very friendly professional teacher. Flexible to reach on Skype. Good for all level students and all topics of conversations. I am on the way to master it. Although it might take a little longer. Confident in the approach.

Ahmad Lattakia – 18 oktober 2017

Ik heb veel inburgerscholen geprobeerd voor Nederlands. Daar kreeg ik geen goede lessen. Sinds ik bij Kim kom leer ik veel en is mijn Nederlands veel beter! Zij is echt mijn Beste docent

Kim is the best teacher Im really happy because i know here thanks aloooooot kim from my heart really thanks

1 thought on “Testimonials”

  1. I am delighted I can say I am a student of Kim.
    We met when I joined one of her “Improving Dutch Conversational Skills” Meetups. I had been wanting to invested a bit more on my Dutch skills so I thought this would be a good opportunity to gain some traction. I immediately became a fan of her, both as a great teacher and as a fantastic person.
    Since then, I’ve been an attendee of her meetups, but I’ve also started doing lessons with her. I must say the results so far have been impressive. I feel progress almost on a weekly basis and this is something I had not experienced with any of my previous Dutch lessons.
    If you are in search of a quick and effective ramp up, I do recommend Kim. And, to consolidate what is covered in the lessons, I also recommend joining her Meetups – they are always fun, and a good time well spent.

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